Our Mission


At Crown J Cattle, LLC, our mission is based on a holistic approach, in that our economic, social, and environmental focuses are brought to light in our daily tasks.  In order to build a quality commercial cattle herd, manage the resources that God has provided us, and to be successful so there is opportunity for the next generations to come, we trust in Christ to lead us in His direction.


With these focuses in mind, we practice the concept of safe and humane handling of all livestock at all times.  We want our cattle to perform....whether they're on our place or yours.  Safe and humane handling is one sure method we can utilize to ensure that our cattle work, perform, and grow.  We also continue to research ways in which to improve upon the resources that we are blessed with.


We respect the opportunity to work with animals and seek to challenge our cattle to perform without pampering or unnecessary treatment.  Nebraska is full of surprises when it comes to weather, and we want our animals to be prepared for whatever comes at them.


Having a feedlot on site allows us to monitor our calves from start to finish.  It allows us the opportunity to make the necessary changes in our females and sires if we see something we need to improve on.  Each day, we're working to build the best herd we can, a task that we look forward to and never ends.


Thanks for visiting Crown J Cattle, LLC.