Our commercial cow herd is made up of predominantly Red Angus based females.  We use Charolais bulls on the cows to create a high performance crossbred calf.  This cross works very well for us and all calves are finished here in the feedlot.  We select AI sires and buy bulls that have been proven over time throughout the industry.  


Our primary goal when selecting sires is focused on the carcass side.  We examine every EPD when selecting AI sires and herd bulls.  Live calves on the ground is our main concern for heifers, so birth weight and calving ease is obviously important.  We're more aggressive with birth weights on mature cows and really focus in on adding value to the calf through above average carcass traits.


Whether it's heifer replacements, feeder steers, or grass yearlings we're targeting, genetics plays a major role in all. We continue to work with reputable and trustworthy seed stock operations in order to constantly improve genetics in our herd.